Chicken Salad

Intercession is as much praise as it is prayer. We need to open our eyes, see what He is doing for us day by day, and thank Him for it publicly. We need to glorify Him as we lay our burdens down before Him.

I confess that I’ve dropped the ball on this a lot. It’s not so much that I find it difficult to be thankful. I have grown a lot in that area over the years. But when it comes to public thanksgiving, I’ve fallen short. Doing so takes overt effort and a bit of discipline, and other “priorities” tend to get in the way. In short, as often as not, I have failed to share my gratitude with my brothers and sisters in Christ.

In that spirit, I would like to start here by thanking the Lord for a special “small” blessing he gave me the other day at the store. I say “small” in quotes because it just looks small; any miracle is just as profound as any other.

I went to the grocery store for our weekly shopping and stopped briefly near the deli, trying to decide on whether or not I should get a tub of that chicken salad with cranberries and nuts that I like so much. I hemmed and hawed for a few moments and decided against it. “I could live without it,” too many calories, I’m fat, etc.

The rest of the way through the store, that tub of chicken salad stayed in the back of my mind. I didn’t go back for it and just kept going until I finished my list. By the time I headed to the checkout, I’d largely forgotten about it and just picked the closest line that was open.

Anyway, there was a small display of coffee at the entrance to the aisle, on top of which sat – you guessed it – a tub of chicken salad with cranberries and nuts. I felt the Lord’s presence, chuckled quietly, and then checked it more closely. I have faith, but not enough to skip the checking. Anyway, it was still cold, unopened and in code. So I thanked Him and added it to my order.

My God is the Lord of absolutely everything in life, even the littlest things. He answers us not only in our heartfelt prayers but also in the little desires of our hearts. Even though we may be willing to live without it, He sometimes (not always, but more often than we generally realize or expect) responds to those little desires by giving us what we want!

The photo is of the chicken salad container safe on the counter at home. Once it’s empty, I plan to keep it as a reminder of His love for me (after washing it of course). I plan to make a collection of such mementos of His love.

Thank you, Jesus!