Every Word a Seed

Word received during worship November 29, 2015

During worship this morning, I was thinking about what it meant that the risen, glorified Christ intercedes for me when I pray (see the word I received last week, Putting on Christ). I thought of all the times I had prayed before, when I knew I was praying according to His will, often with manifestations of His power and presence. I thought of all the instances where, despite the seeming faith, the words of knowledge, the sense of His presence, there seemed to be no results. And I wondered at the apparent lack of a connection between what I experienced in prayer and what came of it.

Last week’s remarkable vision of walking to the throne of God, putting on the glorified Christ as a garment, finding my words coming out of His mouth, made this mystery of prayer all the more mysterious. So I waited on the Lord, singing in my heart, listening for whatever He might want to say.

Sometimes when the Lord speaks to me, it comes as a sudden awareness that simply appears in my mind, and that’s what happened this time. I was struck by the idea that, because my prayer becomes His prayer and my words become His words, those words take on the power of the Living Word, the same power that created the universe, that spoke life into being, that breathed life into Adam. His words are alive and continue to create life. The answer to every prayer that we offer in His name is life.

Jesus teaches that the kingdom of God is like a mustard seed planted in the ground (Mark 4:30-32). Very small, hidden from view, yet alive, sprouting and growing until it becomes the largest plant in the garden, providing shade for the birds. Just like the kingdom, the answers we receive to prayer are often the smallest seeds hidden in what we pray for, hidden yet alive, destined to sprout and grow and blossom, far surpassing the vision or expectations we had when we prayed (Isaiah 55:10-11).

Do I now believe that this mystery of prayer that I described above is fully explained? Not at all. The mystery remains, and to some degree always will remain because prayer is contact between a finite human being and an infinite God. Wherever God and man touch, there is mystery and paradox and wonder.

However, I do believe that many of those prayers that appear to be unanswered have in fact been answered in the form of planted hidden seed destined to blossom. Another way to say it is that many of the prayers that appear to be unanswered have in fact brought the kingdom of God in the form of a mustard seed.

I also heard the Lord say that it’s not just about prayer. Words of knowledge, the Bible, an anointed sermon, anything that God speaks through holds the promise of life.

Father, show me how to pray with words that are fitting for my glorified King to speak to You, words that lead to life, to seeds planted for the kingdom, to fruit that exceeds my wildest dreams. Thank you, Father. (Eph. 3:20)