More of His Presence

The one common theme to my worship and prayer for some time has been a strong desire for much more of His presence; not just a little more, or an amount that’s safe. I want all of Him and none of me. I’m increasingly frustrated by the barriers between us. This longing is accompanied by a sense that this is not just about me, that the body of Christ is in fact pregnant with the promise of His coming. It is not far off. That’s the reason for the discomfort and longing. And He wants it more than we do.

Two Sundays ago, while I was experiencing this very frustration, I saw Jesus coming to minister directly to specific people; kneeling at their feet, holding their hands, lifting them up. It reminded me of His healing the sick and the crippled, but in this case it was for those among us crippled by shame and condemnation. I was struck by the implication that He is healing His people in order to prepare them for the increase of His presence in days to come. We will need to be prepared to hold what He is about to pour out.

It became clear to me that shame and condemnation, false unworthiness, all blindness that comes from self-absorption, is the one area of healing that we most need to make us ready for His coming. We will need to know and accept who we are in Christ, in all that it means, before we will be able to carry the level of His presence, authority and power that He plans to give.

Blessed are those who hunger and thirst for righteousness, For they shall be filled.

– Matthew 5:6

- October 5, 2014