Revival in Africa

Word received during prayer at church Sunday, May 12, 2016, for upcoming mission trip to Botswana.

On Sunday, May 12, 2016, as part of the service, we prayed for our brother and sister in Christ who were preparing for a mission trip to Botswana. As we prayed, the Lord gave me a dramatic vision of what He plans to do in Botswana, Africa and beyond. The vision came in three parts – what I saw, what I heard and what I felt.

I saw an aerial view of Africa, starting over the southern part of the continent, then zooming out to include the entire continent, the southern part of Europe and the Middle East. At first, I saw  rain falling in the south of Africa, a warm, steady rain covering a circular area that became lush with vegetation and life. This rain is the Holy Spirit coming down in a great outpouring, saving many, filling them with life, power, wisdom, joy and a heart for the lost. The rain has already begun but it will increase more and more, spreading out in all directions. I believe that this area includes Botswana, that the work there is at the heart of the coming rain.

I saw the rain increase more and more, spreading further and further, finally turning into waves of fire and water that sweep northward in great arcs, first fire, then water, then fire, then water. The fire cleanses by burning away corruption, sin and delusion. The water cleanses by bringing forgiveness and salvation and washing away what the fire consumes. Also, the fire is the heart of the Lord for the lost and His wrath against the work of the enemy, and the water is the water of baptism, the water of life, growth, grace and mercy.

The waves continue, moving further north, mounting in intensity, transforming desert into garden, washing over the entire continent until every part is covered again and again. Nothing will stand against the waves. What isn’t burned by fire is swept away by water.

And I heard the Lord declare that many would be saved, many would be freed from bondage (this I felt applied especially to muslims); the dead would live; the sick would be healed; the blind would see; the lame would walk. I felt His heart for the lost in Africa and the muslim world. He has heard the prayers of many. He sees that Africa is particularly ready for revival, that it is “ripe for harvest,” that the humble, hand to mouth, daily struggle of the people there has prepared them to receive the outpouring of His Spirit without sin, without selfishness, and without compromise. He has already begun the work, and He will complete it. The Lord’s heart is for this work. He has committed His mighty hand to the task. I could feel His compassion and His wrath, both together and equal in power and purity.

I saw that the waves moved even further north, moving to the east into Israel, aiding the work He is already doing there to reveal the Messiah to His chosen people, and further east and north into the Middle East.

I heard the Lord say that teams of missionaries would be sent out from Africa to all parts of the world, especially to the post-Christian west, bringing the same fire and water wherever they go. The Lord also told me that these would be a people with the heart of David, a people without fear rejoicing and dancing before the Lord.

I also heard the enemy’s ridicule, trying to say that this vision is absurd, that nothing like this will happen. And the Lord told me that we need to pray against the devil’s lies more than ever, that much of the battle will be in the hearts and minds of believers to believe in what He is doing and to walk out that belief, that in the walking, the belief will turn into boldness, and boldness will turn walking into running.

This coming move of God, this move that has already begun, will be of such power and scope that much of the world of Islam will be swept into the Kingdom of God. Islam will be defeated by the Lord at the head of the rejoicing body of Christ, not by the armies of any nation.

I honestly felt humbled by what I saw and honored that He would show it to me. Who am I to see such things? What an honor!

Update, Wednesday, July 13, 2016.

Shortly after I received this word, I discovered a book, Dreams and Visions: Is Jesus Awakening the Muslim World? by Tom Doyle, an account of the testimonies of muslims in the Arab world who have been visited by Jesus in dreams and visions, who have experienced His manifest presence, and been saved, transformed and healed. The Lord Himself is moving in power to save many, even in the most “unreachable” places!

The word I received tells us that the Lord is bringing revival to Africa, which will increase in power as it spreads across the continent and into the traditionally muslim nations of northern Africa and the Middle East. This vision of God’s plan provides context for the many muslims He is revealing Himself to and that is documented in Mr. Doyle’s book.

I must stress that this move of God, like others before it, depends on the response of those called by Him to intercede for it. Having a prophetic word about God’s heart for the lost is not a guarantee that it will come to pass. The Lord has chosen to tie His work to the willingness of believers to bring it to pass. Individual Christians and churches need to be willing to do whatever God calls them to do, whatever the cost. Fearless, sacrificial love is crucial to the work, the same love that led Jesus to suffer and die for us, leaving us an example of how we are to be: 1 Peter 2:21-25